Module 3 – Getting a Pulse on Changing the Current System


In Module 2 of the Support Raising Learning Community we explored more deeply what God’s Word might have to say about funding mission. In Module 3 we’ll take a look at the current support raising system and how others in our ministry feel about potential changes.


Changing the way your ministry raises support is sure to bring up a wealth of emotions, both in you and the other members of your team/ministry. Take some time this week to reflect on the hopes, fears, and other emotions you experience as you consider options for the future of support raising. Then take a few minutes to talk to other people in your ministry about their hopes, fears, etc. What is God saying to you? What is He saying through them?


  • Consolation: As you process making changes to the way you raise support to make it more equitable, where does this bring consolation to your soul? Where do you feel hope, excitement, or the sense of moving closer to the Lord?
  • Desolation: What are the negative emotions that you feel as you consider making changes? What are you afraid of? What holds you back from taking a practical next step forward? Where do you sense yourself moving further from the Lord?


Take the opportunity to “interview” 2-3 people in your ministry about potentially changing the way you raise support to be more equitable. You can choose people on your team, or people elsewhere in the ministry. I’d recommend choosing a diverse group of people, including at least one who might perceive themselves to “benefit” from the changes and one who might perceive themselves not to benefit from the changes. You can use the questions below, or come up with your own.

    • Intro: I am part of a learning community this summer where we are exploring making changes to how our ministry raises support. Here’s one change we’ve considered….(explain a potential option)
    • Initial Response: What is your initial response to how we might change support raising? Does it excite you? Worry you? Why?
    • Tell Me More: Do you think we should make changes to the way we raise support? Why or why not?


Come to the next learning community call prepared to share:

  • Where do you feel consolation related to making support raising more just?
  • Where do you feel desolation?
  • What response from others in your ministry around the idea of changing support raising surprised you the most? (whether positive or negative)