Module 2 – Deepening our Theology of Support Raising


In Module 1 of the Learning Communities we focused on our journeys and what led us to sign up for a learning community around equitable support raising. In Module 2 we’ll focus on deepening our theological and Biblical basis for support raising as we explore how the current system of support raising is broken.


Before our next call, your assignment is:

  • Read the Introduction from the Bible study, Funding Mission Biblically (download link below)
  • Choose any one lesson from the Bible study that you will complete (including the journaling page)
    • You are more than welcome to do all 8 studies if you choose, but the requirement is to do at least one.
  • Come to the next learning community call prepared to share a brief overview of the Bible study lesson you did and where you felt God speaking to you in the lesson.

Bible Study

Eric has written an eight-part Bible study, Funding Mission Biblically, to help teams deepen their theology of support raising. It is open ended, designed for teams to go through together, and ends with the team making a covenant together about how they will pursue support raising in the future.

Download Funding Mission Biblically