For the past three years I’ve been doing doctoral research around the problem of how support raising keeps ministries White. In that time I’ve read everything I could possibly find about support raising. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with dozens of ministry leaders who have made significant changes to the way their ministries raise support. I’ve learned from them and used the insights from their journeys to help other ministries who desire to pursue more just funding models for mission.

Along the way I’ve learned that changing support raising is possible.

But more than that, I’ve learned that there are common themes between ministries who have made changes to the way they raise support. And by using these themes ministry leaders can create innovative new ways of funding mission. I’m excited to share this research. I believe this could be the next step in the future of support raising, a future where everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social connection can fully participate in God’s global mission.

It is this future that I’m excited about, and believe that God is bringing about. Because of this excitement, I want to gather together leaders from around the world to learn from one another and utilize the results of the research.

I want to invite you to the first Future of Support Raising Conference — February 19-20, 2019 in Chicago. 

Join us for two days of learning, collaboration, innovation, lament, worship, and imagination as together we help shape the future of support raising.

This two-day conference will be gathering of leaders from around the globe who are passionate to see more people be able to participate in God’s mission. If you desire to see your ministry be more diverse and wonder how to change support raising to help with this, then this conference is perfect for you.

At the conference, we’ll spend time:

  • Learning the latest research, including the findings of @missioeric’s three-year doctoral program on justice and funding mission.
  • Hearing case studies of other ministries who have made changes to support raising so that it is more just and equitable.
  • Training in the latest tools available for ministry leaders who want to help their team innovate in creative new ways.
  • Studying God’s word and what He might have to say to us about the future of support raising.
  • Networking with other ministry leaders passionate about solving some of the toughest challenges in mission today.
  • Brainstorming practical next steps for your ministry that you can walk out of the conference and implement immediately.

What: The Future of Support Raising Conference
When: February 19-20, 2019
WhereAgape Community Center — Chicago, IL
Cost: $125 ($200 after Feb 1)
(Breakfast and lunch are provided each day. Dinner and housing are not included in conference cost. You’ll need to arrange housing yourself.)

We hope you’ll join us. Please visit to get more info and register today.

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