We are excited to announce that the schedule has been set for Fall 2017 Learning Communities and signups are now open.
What is a Learning Community?
A learning community through 58 is an opportunity to grow alongside other ministry leaders in understanding of and implementation of solutions that promote justice in mission funding. You’ll join a small group of other ministry practitioners to learn, share, experiment, pray, and journey together.
What to Expect
Our Fall 2017 Learning Communities will meet via online video calls for one hour once per month during September, October, November, and December. Before each meeting you’ll be given a short assignment (podcast, personal reflection, interview colleagues, etc) that will help guide you in reflections to prepare you for the upcoming call. Each call will last approximately an hour.
We’re offering two different times for learning communities to try and work better with everyone’s schedules. Each learning community will cover the same topics.
Here’s what we’ll be covering each month:
September – Share your journey that led you to join a learning community around these issues. How do you define the problem? (We’ll explore how our definition of the problem will open or limit possible solutions)
October – Developing a deeper theology of mission funding
November – What are your fears around funding and justice? What about others in your ministry? What are examples of possible solutions?
December – What is a next step you can take today? How can you advocate for change within your ministry?
We believe that each of these topics are crucial for a ministry/team to be able to make the changes necessary to fund mission equitably.
Here is the schedules for each of the learning communities:
Learning Community 1
Tuesday, September 19th at 2pm EST
Tuesday, October 17th at 2pm EST
Tuesday, November 7th at 2pm EST
Tuesday, December 5th at 2pm EST
Signup for Learning Community 1: https://goo.gl/forms/tTbxV5ylgGN4Eah63
Learning Community 2
Wednesday, September 27th at 3:15pm EST
Wednesday, October 18th at 3pm EST
Wednesday, November 8th at 3pm EST
Wednesday, December 6th at 3pm EST
Signup for Learning Community 2: https://goo.gl/forms/Q4IPEEVEGARFZTgv1
We’d love for you to signup for one of these Learning Communities. Let us know any questions you may have and we look forward to learning alongside you.